Creating effective presentations

Visual Communication Beyond Slides

Start with sketches

When transforming your words to images, create loose sketches of several ideas for each concept. The sketching process should be loose and quick. It can be stick figures and doodles. Some of the ideas you generate my require multiple scenes build across a few slides. On the other hand, sometimes it's as simple as using the perfect picture or diagram. Getting your great idea across might require that you manipulate an image, create a custom illustration, or produce a short video. Focus on whatever works the best, not on the idea that easiest to execute.

Find a colleague or two and walk them through your sketches. Have them give you feedback on what works, given your audience and personal style. They will likely have insights that will improve your idea.


A storyboard is a graphic representation of your story and typically involves a series of sketches to pre-visualize how your story will unfold. In one word, it’s a blueprint. Here’s why storyboarding is essential to craft a successful presentation.

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How to Storyboard your Presentation for the Best Results
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